Zeilfelder Pumpen.

Zeilfelder Pumpen

Zeilfelder quality standards have been shaped byover 80 years of experience in pump manufacturing and engine and plant engineering.
High durability, solid and innovative construction and quality control are the outstanding traits of our pumps. All components of the pumps are manufactured in Germany. Third party components are manufactured by major Germanfirms.
Custom solutions for extreme applications
  • Specialty materials
    • Duplex, super duplex, hastelloys, ceramics
  • Exteme fluids handling
    • Molten metals, 450°C temperatures
    • Toxic substances, explosive materials
    • Particles > 75mm, up to 90% solids
    • API, ATEX
  • Main strengths
    • Customized design
    • Robust, minimal spare parts usage
    • Extreme applications
      • High pressure
      • High flowrate
      • High temperature
      • High viscosities


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