About Us​

Artim Solutions GmbH - Germany

Finding the best solution
is our ultimate goal!​

Our company based in Germany sells new technologies for industry. Our main activities relate to the sectors of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, as well as water and wastewater treatment systems and environmental engineering. In addition to the distribution of technical equipment we offer as a service to the maintenance, service and individual development, planning according to customer requirements.

Our goal refers to the transfer of modern plant technology, focus is on the quality, safety and customer satisfaction first. Our team with years of experience working solution-oriented and cost-effective. Our global headquarter is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Principles of Artim Solutions GmbH

Our mission and
our vision

Whatever we do - Quality comes first!
Our focus Is 100% on our customers needs and satisfaction.

We want to be among the leading solution providers for industries.
Our core competences are engineering, logistics and service.
The motto “Supporting your success” describes our target of supporting our customers with high competence, availability, service beyond average and flexibility on their way to market success.
We offer a creative and team-oriented environment to competent staff
We cultivate loyal, correct and fair partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.
The implementation is done with great autonomy and freedom of action for the local companies.
Our core businesses are in the field of Oil and Gas, Waste water treatment and environmental technology.
Our main target are OEM customers.
We want to grow above the sectors average and realize an adequate rate of return in order to preserve our solid financial foundation

Need help finding an eco-friendly solution for your industry?

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