Our partners in industry.

Zeilfelder Pumpen

High performance pumps over 80 years.
Customers worldwide trust the exceptional reliability of our Products „Made in Germany„.
Zeilfelder pumps have proven their quality and efficiency for over 80 years in the industries.

Düchting Pumpen Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

offers the right solution for almost every application where the transport of liquids plays a role.  The capabilities in the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of the products is highly  respected.Reputation is built on a sustainable corporate policy, efficiency, reliability, innovation and customer after-sales service.

SIWAtec Wassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG


SIWAtec Wassertechnik (Water Engineering)  is engaged in planning, delivering and servicing plants for water processing. Based on an analysis of the individual customer’s needs, SIWAtec develops custom-tailored solutions for water reprocessing which meet highest standards.

MARCH Pumpen

MARCH leaders in magnetic driven pumps.

MARCH was founded in 1954 in the near of Chicago and was the originator of magnetic driven centrifugal pumps back in 1968.
Today the MARCH Group is one of the world wide leaders in manufacturing leak-free pump systems for chemical industries, refineries, engineering, environmental and even medical and other industrial OEM applications with its facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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